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Refund and cancellation

Our pollicy


In case of an unexpected change of plans, if you need to rebook your tour we are more than happy to help you with it as long as the request is made at least 48 hours in advance.

That way we can speak with the service providers and request a rebooking of your activity.

For the date of the rebooking, it always depends on the disponibility. But don’t worry we will offer more options to you.

The maximum of times for rebooking a tour is 3 times, if after 3 changes you are not able to participate in the activity we do refund a maximum of 25% of the payment received as a deposit.

Also, be noticed that if we rebook a tour for the next 15 days and then request a cancellation we will do refund only 50% of the payment previously received (deposit).


Please be noticed that any cancelation because of the weather will NOT receive a refund.

Cancelations requested within 30 days in advance receive the 100% refund.

Cancelations requested within 15 days in advance receive the 50% refund.

Any Cancelation requested 14 days or less before the tour will NOT receive a refund.


Any tour requested with a promo code or a discount that is canceled 30 days before the tour will NOT receive refunds.

Refund policy

Please be noticed that by the moment of the purchase of the tours it will be considered as you already read our *REFUND AND CANCELLATION Policy, and you accept the terms here described.


Any questions or doubts please send us an email at